7 Free London Sights to Visit in One Day

The Fire of London Memorial Statue – Begin your free sight-seeing day by arriving at Bank Tube Station – the financial district. Take a moment to look at the spectacular statue commemorating the fire which devastated London in 1666. The Statue took a whole six years to build – no easy feat.


From the statue walk to …

The Sky Garden – Take a life to the 32nd floor in the tallest building on Fenchurch Street. Here you will get fantastic views across the city of London (see previous post – The Best Roof Top Bar in London.)


Stroll for a further five minutes to the…

Tower of London. Walking around it is just as good as going inside and it is totally free. Stand back to get the perfect panorama views.


Next to the Tower of London is …

The Hallow Church – another freebie sight to wonder in. Admire the spectacular interior and check out the fascinating museum in the basement. It has historic British artifacts, maps and art work.


Take the water boat, walk or grab a bus to …

The South Bank – where you will be greeted by Big Ben, The London Eye and a vast array of museums and galleries. Walk along the river, taking in the atmosphere and if you so wish pop into the Tate Modern Gallery or the South Bank Center. (You can easily spend a day at the South Bank, while not spending a penny).


Adventure across Millennium Bridge and arrive at ..

St Paul’s Cathedral – If you time it right you can avoid entrance fees. How you may ask? Well members of the public can attend services in the cathedral for free. So wait for a service and simply walk in – you do not have to sit through the service but you can if you so desire. St Paul’s is a stunning building and I would highly recommend going inside.


Next to St Paul’s cathedral is…

One New Change Shopping Center – you can take the elevator to the 6th floor and get a wonderful view from the roof top bar. The drinks there are pricey, so if you do not fancy treating yourself, just go for the view and find a cheaper English pub for a beverage.


While London can be very expensive there are ways to get around paying for fun activities. Stay tuned for some more example day trip itineraries.

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