My Mad Mother

Last month marked a six year mile stone for my mother. On Easter weekend 2012 my mum's life was turned upside down. She was diagnosed with a spinal tumor and told that she probably would never walk again. While, she is parlaysed from her armpits down this has not stopped her. Yes - it has... Continue Reading →

Time for Quiet Reflection

Today was the Jewish festival Yom Kippur which means day of Atonement. It is one of the most important Jewish festivals. Personally, it is also one of my favourite festivals. Yom Kippur marks a time to be quiet and reflect on the previous year. Something which is important for everyone. A friend once taught me that the... Continue Reading →

How To Cope With Caring For A Sick Parent

There comes a time in everyone’s life were we have to look after our parents. The very people who brought us into the world will need our support. This task is never going to be easy. Seeing our role-models, number one supporters and people we love most, ask us for help, is heart-breaking. Generally speaking, this... Continue Reading →

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