Adventures in the Peak District

A sharp, silver, slither shot down from an ominous cloud. It met the top of the mountain adjacent to where I was standing. I blinked, and it was over. The lightning was gone as quickly as it arrived. Moments later another tremble reverberated along the valley floor. Meanwhile, handfuls of heavy hail pounded my face.... Continue Reading →

Round the Island in 48 hours

Inhaling with all my might, I was trying to feed my body with as much oxygen as possible. Meanwhile, my leg muscles were screaming at me to stop. 'Blimey,' I yelled in exasperation. The hill was never ending. Cyclists whizzed down in the opposite direction. I looked up and smiled at them through gritted teeth.... Continue Reading →

Bristol to Bath by bike

Yogurt coated oats and coconut flakes melted in my mouth. The sweet granola was complemented by sour berries. This was washed down with a turmeric latte. The spice kicked the back of my throat cleansing my pallet. Sitting on the river-side we watched the world go by. It was 9.30am on Saturday. Consequently, there wasn't... Continue Reading →

Day two in Bristol

Walking along the river starting in Bristol Redcliffe it is possible to reach the quaint suburbs of Clifton. It is a glorious walk (even if the end is up an extremely steep hill). On our journey we passed the SS Great Britain - the longest boat of her time in 1845. The boat has a... Continue Reading →

Sleeping under the stars in the North Downs

Shadows danced on the trees that surrounded us. The ambiguous shapes vanished swiftly as I moved my lantern away. We were trekking up a steep, narrow path enclosed by woodland.Glimpsing fragments of sky through the thick vegetation, I could see it was a dark blue. The sun had set forty minutes ago.Unsure where we were... Continue Reading →

My Mad Mother

Last month marked a six year mile stone for my mother. On Easter weekend 2012 my mum's life was turned upside down. She was diagnosed with a spinal tumor and told that she probably would never walk again. While, she is parlaysed from her armpits down this has not stopped her. Yes - it has... Continue Reading →

Save food, save a life

Sitting with her legs crossed on the dusty floor a lady aged around 40 stared vacantly at the many shoes gliding past. Her eyes were downcast. The small street where she had placed herself was a shortcut for many commuters rushing to get home for the weekend. I don't know how long she had been... Continue Reading →

Waste management in India

Working for a recycling and waste company in London my eyes are always open to how things work in different countries. I have written a blog for  Paper Round and wanted to share it here too. Strolling down the hectic streets in India there is a lot to pay attention to. Firstly, it is vital to avoid... Continue Reading →

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