Exploring the Moon Desert, Jordan

Planes of white sand carpeted the floor for what looked like miles. While, sandstone mountains lined the horizon.

The rock faces were patterned from where gusts of wind had slapped them causing sporadic marks of erosion. The weathered rocks had resulted in the production of red sand, which was transported by the wind and accumulated forming sand dunes.

We were on a jeep safari in the magical Wadi Rum desert. Our first point on the tour was a rock with some ancient inscriptions, followed by a quick stop at a Bedouin tent serving sweet tea. The sugar fuelled us for a clamber up a rock in the shape of an arch.

As we entered further into the desert the scenary got more and more spectaclur. Being off road our tour guide let us have a go at driving the jeep. Reving the engine over sanddunes was exhilarating. Conscious of the four passangers In the back I made sure to drive as smoothly as possible. The biggest difficulty was working out what direction to drive in as there were no roads.

We were joined by a lovely couple from Toulouse, France who were lots of fun and thought our driving was not too bad!

Thankfully our guide took over the driving once more and dropped us off at one side of a canyon for us to hike through. He kindly meet us at the other side with a cooked lunch.

The rocks lining the canyon path were perfect for rock climbing. The soft sand served as a crash mat – not that we managed to get high enough to fall.

The Wadi Rum Desert is used as a filming location for sci-fi and its easy to see why! During the tour we stopped off at the locations for both Star Wars and the Martian.

The grand finale of the tour was sand surfing on the back of the jeep followed by sitting on one of the dunes to watch sunset.

Our guide whizzed us back to our Bubble tent for the evening where the chefs had been busy hard at work cooking us up a feast.

Under the sand the chefs had buried dinner which had been cooking all day long. They used a shovel to dig up a multan hot stove which revealed a bed of flavoured rice, meat, potatoes and vegetables.

Also on offer was an elaborate array of salads and vegetable curries.

Feeling fully satisfied from a delicious dinner and a fantastic day we went for a star gazing walk. The sky was covered in glimmering stars. We saw many constelations and even a shooting star. Laying on a scarf on the sand Pat asked me to marry him. It was the perfect end to the day.

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