Scuba Diving in Aquaba

Waking up with smiles on our faces, we said goodbye to the magical desert and headed to our next stop - Aquaba. The taxi took a couple of hours and before long we arrived at the Double Tree Hilton hotel. It was luxurious. Nearby was a beach resort, Berenice Beach Club. Here we hired a... Continue Reading →

Exploring the Moon Desert, Jordan

Planes of white sand carpeted the floor for what looked like miles. While, sandstone mountains lined the horizon. The rock faces were patterned from where gusts of wind had slapped them causing sporadic marks of erosion. The weathered rocks had resulted in the production of red sand, which was transported by the wind and accumulated... Continue Reading →

The lost city of Petra

The lost city of Petra located in Southern Jordan, is recognised as a world heritage UNESCO site. Visiting the area you can see why. Carved into the rock faces are the most remarkable facades constructed by ancient civilisations. Petra’s landscape and climate alone is breathtaking. Red sand stone mountains jut into the bright blue skies... Continue Reading →

24 hours in Amman, Jordan

Amman, the capital of Jordan is currently home to 4 million inhabitants. It was founded in the 8th millennium BC. Since then the area has changed hands, from the Selucids, Navateans, Romans, Greeks, Ottomams to the Arabs today. With so many owners Amman is a hub of cultural fusion. While, perhaps not as popular with... Continue Reading →

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