Antiques Shopping in Venice

Hungry and on the hunt for lunch on our first day in Venice, we passed a series of market stalls selling antique art. It looked intriguing so we decided that food could wait an extra few minutes while we had a nose. Out of the corner of Patrick’s eye he saw a glimmering stone in a glass display cabinet. We took a closer look, it was a dainty engagement ring. It looked lovely. I tried it on and we liked what we saw. The lady was friendly and owned LV&S (Li Volsi & Sostero antiques). Of course we bargained and got a great price for this little gem! I wonder who owned the ring before and what stories it could tell!

With our new purchase, we wondered along Venice’s canals to find a spot of lunch, before finding the impressive Doge’s palace and sitting in Giardini Reali (gardens for some cool shade).

We spend our time in Venice getting lost along the quaint canals and eating pizza. We didn’t pay to go in any museums but you can buy a pass to do so at the tourist information centre.

When we arrived at Venice airport, we took the waterbus to our accommodation. You can buy tickets at the airport from the tourist information kiosk outside the luggage collection room. This is a nice way travel – breezy and with a view! It meant we were less bothered about paying €80 for a gondola (far too expensive).

We stayed in Venice Resorts Guesthouse – the location was great and the room did the job. The train station was a 10 minute walk, which was perfect to get to our next stop – Florence.

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