‘How do we build from the current corona crisis towards a more sustainable future?’

Thank you Sustainability First for inviting me to address this thought provoking question. Here is my attempt at a response. Readers what are your thoughts? Recent data published by The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) has shown that carbon dioxide concentrations are the highest they have been since measurements began in 1958. During the... Continue Reading →

The Fast Fashion Industry

Smiling at the friendly cashier, I thanked her before skipping out the store. I had just purchased a pretty, floral dress from H&M for the small sum of £20. Little did I know that there had been 101 steps involved in getting a new garment like this folded neatly into a plastic carrier bag and onto the shelves. ... Continue Reading →

My Pledge for the Planet

As the jolly waiter placed the region’s traditional cuisine in front of me my toes curled. I could feel my stomach somersault. My appetite suddenly disappeared. The dish was coated in layer of crispy batter. Fried chicken served in the same manner, was always a treat. So, why was this any different? Possibly because I... Continue Reading →

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