How to enjoy San Diego when you’re on a budget

I am delighted to introduce a guest blogger on we are going on a bear hunt. Heather Hopkins is a San Diego, California-based artist and travel writer. You can follow her adventures, get travel tips and destination inspiration and more on her site at Instagram: @arttraveleatrepeat Twitter: @ArtTravelEat Facebook: San Diego, California is one... Continue Reading →

Biking around San Diego

I fueled up on the scrumptious, complimentary hostel chocolate chip pancakes and was raring to go. My shinny, red, rental bike was delivered to the hostel in the morning and I had the entire day to explore. I began by biking to Ocean beach. From there I rode south along the coast line. It was... Continue Reading →

San Diego

The first night here in the hostel I had to share a room with a rather unsavoury character. She is about 40 years old and smelt horrendous. I thought I could hack it, opened a window, locked up my valuables and fell asleep. However, in the morning I woke up to an awful smell, looked... Continue Reading →

Joshua tree national park

Drawing back the casino hotel curtains this morning a beautiful lake with a backdrop of sunlit mountains was revealed. We arrived last night in the dark and saw the water outside our room but did not realise how beautiful the scenery was. Walking out through the casino at 9am people were obediently sat playing the... Continue Reading →

Arizona to San Diego road trip

I was fortunate enough to meet someone driving from the hostel in Flagstaff to San Diego (where I will catch my flight to Mexico city). So we have been Road tripping today. There is a full car of us (one from Australia, one American and another from North London!) We started the journey off by... Continue Reading →

Team snow canyon

As I pulled back the hostel curtains a covering of white, glistening, fresh snow covered the garden patio. It was minus four degree outside. While munching on my oatmeal breakfast, I met some new friends and after asking around I found a group going to the Grand Canyon. We were a fun international group: two... Continue Reading →

Sedona adventures

If you want something bad enough you will get it. Since, passing Sedona a few days back I have been desperate to get back there and I did. At breakfast I heard though the grapevine that someone was driving there. I hastily introduced myself and got a ride. We arrived nice and early and stopped... Continue Reading →

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