How to enjoy San Diego when you’re on a budget

I am delighted to introduce a guest blogger on we are going on a bear hunt. Heather Hopkins is a San Diego, California-based artist and travel writer. You can follow her adventures, get travel tips and destination inspiration and more on her site at Instagram: @arttraveleatrepeat Twitter: @ArtTravelEat Facebook: San Diego, California is one... Continue Reading →

San Diego

The first night here in the hostel I had to share a room with a rather unsavoury character. She is about 40 years old and smelt horrendous. I thought I could hack it, opened a window, locked up my valuables and fell asleep. However, in the morning I woke up to an awful smell, looked... Continue Reading →

Team snow canyon

As I pulled back the hostel curtains a covering of white, glistening, fresh snow covered the garden patio. It was minus four degree outside. While munching on my oatmeal breakfast, I met some new friends and after asking around I found a group going to the Grand Canyon. We were a fun international group: two... Continue Reading →

Sedona adventures

If you want something bad enough you will get it. Since, passing Sedona a few days back I have been desperate to get back there and I did. At breakfast I heard though the grapevine that someone was driving there. I hastily introduced myself and got a ride. We arrived nice and early and stopped... Continue Reading →

Solo mountain hike

After the intense insanity that is Las Vegas I was craving a solo mountain hike somewhere away from cars, roads and pollution. So today I trekked up Mount Eldon. A student yesterday recommended the trail saying the views were spectacular and they were spot on. I found a couple of bus routes (3 or 66)... Continue Reading →

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