Joshua tree national park

Drawing back the casino hotel curtains this morning a beautiful lake with a backdrop of sunlit mountains was revealed. We arrived last night in the dark and saw the water outside our room but did not realise how beautiful the scenery was.

Walking out through the casino at 9am people were obediently sat playing the slot machines. We paced out and got back on the road, making it to Joshua tree national park shortly later.


Here the climate drastically changed. It was suddenly very warm – we were in the dessert after all. Driving through the park we saw many Joshua trees – they looked most strange. They have branches in several directions which grow when the plant experiences a disturbance of some kind. They were the dominant species and looked like they were from an alien movie. Amongst the trees were shrub bushes. Not many species survive in the desert.


There were mountains too which looked like piles of rocks that had been placed there. They in fact are natural formations existing due to their location on the San Andreas fault line.


Joshua tree national park was spectacular. I have never seen anything quiet like it. The strange environment hosted these bizarre trees and unique geomorphology.

We went for a little hike and sticking to adventuring went for another rock climb.


Several hours later we reached San Diego, checked into a hostel, went for Thai and a freshly baked donught.

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