Arizona to San Diego road trip

I was fortunate enough to meet someone driving from the hostel in Flagstaff to San Diego (where I will catch my flight to Mexico city). So we have been Road tripping today. There is a full car of us (one from Australia, one American and another from North London!)

We started the journey off by driving the scenic route to Sedona. It was stunning, the mountains, trees and red rocks looked beautiful in the blaring sunlight.


We went for a hike in sedona through the red rocks.


A couple of us fancied rock climbing so we veered off the trail and clambered up the vertical rocks to get to the summit and were rewarded with furthermore incredible views.


The rocks had been weathered so some were slightly unstable. It added to the sense of adventure. Sedona is an amazing place, very peaceful with dramatic scenery.


We had a spot of lunch and then set off to California.


Driving through Arizona was great. We passed a ghost town called Jerone – people pay a fortune to stay in the ghost hotel in the hope of  seeing spooky wonders.

The drive was absolutely gorgeous. We traveled over mountains – the road wound around showing us valleys, forests and distant snow capped mountains.


Other parts of the drive took us over flat, straight, never ending long dessert roads. Even these were exciting, we spotted huge cactuses along the sides of the road. They were very tall with many arms sprouting out from them. In the background the mountains could be seen.


We passed through several ominous, spooky, small towns which looked very unsavoury. I would not fancy living in the middle of the dessert in any of these clustering of civilisations.

The sun began to set at 5.30 lighting the sky up with orange, pink and yellow streaks.


Then to our joy we gained an extra hour as we entered another time zone.

This evening we checked into a cheap and cheerful casino hotel. We got a room for four for $20 each – bargain. There are three pools here and a waterslide so we were set for the evening. We made a makeshift dinner in the room and then had an explore.


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