Train travel in India

At the moment I am writing this from a 17 hour overnight train journey from Mumbai to Udipur. I am in an air-conditioned two tier carriage on the upper berth. I managed to get a good night's sleep and am now awaiting my arrival. Top tips for train travel in Mumbai: Buying the ticket -... Continue Reading →

Magical Mumbai

The day started off fiery with a spicy breakfast. I tucked into a rice and chickpea dish provided by the hostel. This was washed down with a sweet chai tea. Fed and watered, I decided to set off for the day. Time to explore Mumbai. Speaking to others over breakfast I concluded that I must... Continue Reading →

Bye Bye London

Passport, visa and money packed. Plus some extra bits; including my travel hula hoop. I'm set. Stay tuned for my next adventure. In keeping with my packing guidelines I have managed to limit my wardrobe for the next 6 week to two bags. Let's get some zen on. Guess where I'm going? Winner gets a... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Essesntials to Carry on a Hike

This week we are lucky enough to be joined by Shawn Michaels - a blogger who loves to write about his outdoor experiences. He is also a passionate rock climber and loves traveling. He is currently studying and spends his free time reading reviews and gear shopping! He regularly blogs at Shawn saw my... Continue Reading →

The Secret to Wild Camping

So what exactly does wild camping mean? The definition of wild camping varies for different people. At its crux wild camping is when you pitch up your tent somewhere vaguely remote with no running water or toilet facilities. In some countries this is a totally normal and legal activity. For example, in Montana USA, folk wild camp almost... Continue Reading →

Couchsurfing for dummies

Couchsurfing is a website which allows you to connect with locals, make friends, get tours and find a home to stay in - all for free. The idea is that people offer their homes, time and hospitality and in return they gain a friend, learn about different cultures and have fun with like minded people. So... Continue Reading →

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