‘5 Things You Need to Consider Before You Move Abroad’ by Beth Penbrook

This week we are joined by the talented Beth Penbrook a young mum who hasn’t let having young kids stop her travelling and experiencing the world. She travels regularly with her partner and two young children and even moved from England to live in Canada for a year. She loves writing about her travels and children, but also about health, wellness and style. She has kindly written an article for We Are Going on A Bear Hunt about moving abroad.

With so many people now making the big decision to up and move their lives to sunnier shores, emigrating is no new thing, however there are a number of things you’ll need to consider. When I moved to Canada to live a few years ago, I was massively overwhelmed at how much I needed to do that I hadn’t even thought about! It’s a massive decision, so here’s 5 things that you need to consider first…


With the state of post Brexit still in the balance concerning visas and what it will mean for the future of travelling and living throughout Europe, visa’s are more important than ever when it comes to moving abroad, no matter what country it is. Whilst countries such as America and Australia have always had tighter restrictions and policies, and proved much harder to get through the borders for good. If you’re going for work you’re most likely to need a skill which is in big demand or deemed particularly desirable. Many companies do sponsor individuals as well, again based on their skill set, but these are costly to the business, and not as common.

These desired skills change frequently, so it’s worth doing your research, or if you’re not set on a particular location it’s worth thinking about going more remote, where certain skills will be in much higher shortage. If you are seeking a warmer climate to retire in then you will have to show evidence you are affluent enough to support yourself, or have a local resident that is willing to sponsor you. Moving is obviously a big thing, so you would naturally want to do it with your spouse by your side. It is worth looking into whether you will need one for your move. Sorting out a spouse visa can be a complex process so it is advised to do your research and seek advice from professionals.


Although warmer climates have been proved beneficial to our health, it is worth thinking about the health costs associated with your chosen destination. For example America and Australia are mainly privately funded countries, meaning costs can be significant should something happen. Even routine medical check ups may have some cost attached, so it is worth factoring this in when making your decision.

Cost of Living

The cost of living varies massively country to country so it is definitely worth doing your research. Australia for example is notorious for its expensive house prices, and similarly cost of living. Whilst property prices are an obvious thing to consider, day to day living costs such as food, petrol, energy and entertainment etc are all worth considering. Naturally living in a highly populous and tourist dense area will be much more expensive than living in a more remote area, so again this is worth considering.


You are probably going to want to return home for certain events, celebrations or simply for family visits. Likewise your friends and family will no doubt want to visit you in your new home in the future. Thinking about the cost and ease of travel is often something many forget to consider when making the big decision, but it is important if you plan on staying connected to your loved ones.


Think about the native language of the country you are moving to. America, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand are all popular destinations because English is commonly spoken in all. If you are thinking about moving to a country where the language most widely spoken is not English, then factoring in getting lessons to try and learn is something to think about. This will greatly help when making new friends, communicating with ease, and will ensure you settle in quicker, and better.

Who else has moved abroad and has any top tips?

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