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Today I have been lucky enough to be joined by one of my favorite bloggers – London Wlogger. Stu’s informative blog provides us with some great walks around London. Showing maps, pictures and explaining local geography and history. I asked him a few questions about hiking around London to get some advice. Here is what he said:

Do you plan your routes in advance or just see where you end up?

A lot of my walks are routes that I’ve explored before and really enjoyed because they have so many wonderful and beautiful sights on them with a lot of history. But many of the routes I do have been discovered by randomly walking around London with no pre-plan. However, some areas I do plan in advance to see if there’s anything interesting around the area, or worth seeing, then I’ll head there.
My walks are chosen on a few criteria.  Firstly, what there is to see on it, such as landmarks, historical places, or natural beauty. Also how close each area is in proximity to each other, for instance, a walk from Bank to Camden is lovely, but a bit long for a short blog post. Finally, I try to spread out as much of London as possible, so I won’t stay in just Central, but go as far as the outskirts.

Do you prefer walking / traveling alone?

Most of my walks are done on my own as I stop to take LOTS of photos and try to take in as much of the area as possible, so joining me on a walk might take a long time. But I do enjoy walking with others too and chatting about all of the lovely sights you pass around London.

What are your favorite things about traveling by foot?

I think only when you walk do you really get to see all the hidden gems of a city. You pass so many small streets, parks, gardens and along beautiful rivers, something you can’t really do when you’re driving or on a train. Especially in London I think we’re too reliant on the tube and buses, rather than walking. A tube from London Bridge to Bank takes a few moments, but you’re in a pretty uncomfortable sardine can! However, this walk takes about 10 minutes and passes so many wonderful sights, such as over London Bridge and past Monument.
Also walking has no restrictions on routes that you can take, and hearing the sound of water and the birds singing is something you can’t really find when on public transport. Plus it’s great exercise.

Where is your favorite hidden spot in London?

It has to be the Regent’s Canal, which is where my profile image was taken! It’s such a glorious stretch of water, so peaceful walking along the river. Also it’s a real hidden gem as I don’t think many people take this route even though you pass many lovely areas such as Regent’s Park, Little Venice and Camden Market. The walk illustrates everything I love about London.

What top tips do you have for someone who always gets lost?

The ironic thing is I’m hopeless with directions. I seem to find places more through just walking randomly than actually knowing where I’m going. All I say is Google Maps is your friend. Very useful to have. Also becoming familiar with your surroundings is a great way to not get lost. In the past if you’d told me to walk from Victoria to Hyde Park, I’d get so lost. But through doing walks all around London I find it really easily now.
Thank you to Stu for answering these questions for us. Check out more of his posts on his blog and you can even try out one of his walks!

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