Zen in Bournemouth

The brisk spring air swept over my rosy checks as my feet sprung off the pavement. To my right was the calm ocean and to my left were carefully coordinated colorful beach huts – each with their own unique touch.


Waves washed up the beach bringing music to my ears. The melodic sound of the sea set my pace. One foot in front of the other I made my way down the scenic cost-line in Bournemouth. My mind clear and my legs leading the way I was able to enjoy the majestic landscape.

At 6.30 am on a Saturday morning I had to beach practically to myself. As the morning progressed I was joined by others. Cyclists zoomed past me. While dog walkers strolled along the sandy beach. I nodded to fellow joggers and wore a huge grin across my face.



As I began to get hungry I turned back and returned to The Grove hotel where I was staying. The hotel was wonderful, catering to the needs of those needing hospital care. It was 100% accessible not like those places which claim to be wheel chair friendly but have an awkward step or narrow door frames. If you are unsure where to stay there are some great air b n b options or hotels in Bournemouth.

After a hearty breakfast it was time to explore Bournemouth itself.  As with all sea-side towns it is obligatory to walk down the pier and waste at least £1 on the two penny machines.

At the start of the pier there is a great restaurant bar called Aruba. It overlooks the sea and has some tasty cocktails and food (make sure to book in advance, it gets busy).

Peering down into the sea you can admire surfers gliding across the dramatic waves. If you fancy surfing yourself don’t forget your wet suit (the sea is frightfully chilly).

However, if you rather stay dry you could opt for the zip-line adventure. One ride will cost £18. From the end of the pier onto the beach.

Walking through the Winter Gardens which are next to the pier you will have the chance to get involved in more activities. Crazy golf or ping pong – what ever tickles your fancy.



Once you are satisfied you have seen enough, grab some picnic food from town and settle down in one of the beach huts. There is no better way to enjoy lunch than admiring the vast ocean, sandy shore and characters walking past you. As the day progresses families, students and friends take to the beach. Watch all walks of life roam in-front of you.

I spent all afternoon reading in a beach hut and people watching.


As the day dawned the sun began setting to the West. The bright blue sky faded to a dusty mauve. Shortly after, as the sun descended further towards the horizon the sky lit up in oranges and yellows. Wispy clouds stretched across the canvas creating streaks of grey. The bright sky changed to dark blue and the ocean continued its quiet roar.

Flickers of blazing oranges met my eyes once more. This time the colours were created by man not nature. Fires rose into the air as people started making fire pits in the sand. The shadow of feet danced over open flames. The evening cool settled and friends warmed up in front of their bonfires.

I walked away from the scene and went back to the hotel for a deep nights sleep.




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