Top 5 Essesntials to Carry on a Hike

This week we are lucky enough to be joined by Shawn Michaels – a blogger who loves to write about his outdoor experiences. He is also a passionate rock climber and loves traveling. He is currently studying and spends his free time reading reviews and gear shopping! He regularly blogs at Shawn saw my recent post on hiking and offered to give us an insight into his top tips in preparing for an active adventure.
If the idea of a gym workout seems boring, hiking could prove to be the answer. It is also a great outdoor activity for families. However, it is important to keep in mind that hiking can come with hazards like rough weather, dangerous wildlife and several other possibilities. Therefore, you must be completely prepared by having all the essentials needed. For example, wearing the correct footwear can save you from slipping on muddy trails.
Here are top 5 essentials that will help you out on a hike:
1.       Hydration:
Hiking can be exhausting and leave you dehydrated in no time. Therefore, it is necessary to have plenty of water with you. Carry around 2 litres of water per day. It can be handy to circle water sources on your map. This way you have an idea where to stop off for water when you run low. You will have more freedom if you carry water treatment tablets and filters. This will ensure that you won’t have to turn back if you run out of water.
2.       First Aid Essentials:
In order to make sure your entire trip isn’t ruined by any cuts or scrapes carry a first aid kit. It will prevent you from running all the way back home which would only create hassle and ruin the trip. Bandages, instant ice packs and ointments can help soothe pain quickly and keep you going without a long stop.
3.       Sun Protection:
When you are going out for a hike, make sure you are completely protected from the scorching rays that can harm your skin and dehydrate you quickly. Keep a top-quality sun block with SPF 15 to 30 that will prevent tan, redness and burns. Moreover, a pair of sunglasses will also help your eyes to stay protected from the UV rays. If you want to prevent yourself from getting all sweaty and dehydrated, wear clothes made of very light material.
4.       Matches and Bug Repellent:
Keeping matches is necessary for lighting up the bonfire or starting up a stove for cooking . It also helps to make fire signals in case you get lost. Make sure that your matches are packed in a waterproof box with a plastic cover wrapped around it. Take many with you because you cannot afford losing one. Also, do not forget to keep a bug repellent if you want to come home without red spots and bites all over your body.
5.       Extra Food:
It is always safe to keep some extra food for an entire day when packing for a hiking trip. Make sure you take imperishable food. For example, canned food, energy bars, nuts and juices. Also, keep a great amount of snacks in your kids’ backpacks to keep them from getting low on energy or bored too easily.
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