10 Things To Do in Brighton

1.Explore the pier

The famous Brighton pier is a sight not to be missed. Built in 1823 it has a wealth of history. Originally it was used as a landing point for ships. Since then it has been washed away by storms, rebuilt several times and has been used by the community for concerts.

Today the pier offers a pleasant stroll for families and friends. If you so wish, hop on one of the many fun fair rides, stop by to eat some doughnuts or sit down for some fresh fish and chips.


2. Swim in the sea

Not for the weak hearted.  Grab your swimming cossie and run into the sea without looking back. The freezing cold waves will hit your skin with force. Take a deep breath and submerge your body. After the initial cold shock, allow your body to feel totally refreshed before bolting out and drying off.

3. Warm up in a quirky coffee shop

Brighton is known for is hip trendy vibe. Try out one of the many hipster coffee shops. The Plant Room has a nice atmosphere and is located in a small square in the lanes. Watch the water fountain relentlessly sprinkle water over its sides while enjoying a cuppa.

The Blue Bird Tea and Co is another fun tea shop to try out. It has a selection of herble teas. If chocolate is more your thing it is worth checking out choccywoccydoodah. Not only does it have a lovely place to enjoy some hot beverages but it has a chocolate shop downstairs, with some incredible chocolate cakes for sale.

4.Roam the Lanes

After fueling up check out all the boutiques, jewelers and galleries in the Lanes. The narrow alleyways are lined with numerous places to buy gifts, clothes and other such goodies. This historic quarter in Brighton is a must while in the area. If you are lucky you may hear buskers fill the streets with lively music.

5.Visit the Aquarium

If it is rainy and you fancy an indoors activity check out The Sea Life Aquarium.  You may be eligible for discounted tickets with National Rail if you traveled to Brighton by train. Alternatively, look out for Groupon deals.

6.Party all night

Brighton has a big student population. Consequently, there are lots of cheap bars, clubs and pubs. There are also some classier bars for those wanting a more sophisticated night.

If gin tickles your fancy. Check out the Gin Tub. Here is is obligatory to order your drinks from a telephone on your table. The barman will then make your drink and bring it over to you. Certainly save you queuing up at a bar.

7.Check out the art

Art is all around in Brighton, in cafes, on the beach and on the street.

If wanting to see more art there are always exhibitions on to explore. See a list of whats on Visit Brighton website.


8. Sports on the beach

Wanting to let off some steam – grab a basket-ball and head for the sea front. There are courts for anyone to use. Book a court in advance at Yellow Wave. They also arrange tournaments which you can watch or get involved with.

9. Festivals

Time it right and you could find your self watching your favorite comedian, singer or actress in Brighton. Brighton festival hosts many artists and puts on some fun filled events. This bank holiday weekend was the food festival.

10. Get some panoramic views

British Airways  have built a moving observation tower which you can ride. A pod slowly makes its way up into the sky giving the rider phenomenal views across Brighton.

These are just a handful of activities to do in Brighton. Go for your self to discover more…


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