Solo mountain hike

After the intense insanity that is Las Vegas I was craving a solo mountain hike somewhere away from cars, roads and pollution. So today I trekked up Mount Eldon. A student yesterday recommended the trail saying the views were spectacular and they were spot on. I found a couple of bus routes (3 or 66)... Continue Reading →

The Grand Canyon

We started off the day with a Denny's greasy diner breakfast, it was fine nothing special, but it did the job of getting us set up for the Grand Canyon and providing some much needed wifi. We had a good sing along on the drive through Kaibab national forest. On entering the Grand Canyon national... Continue Reading →

How to survive Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a mixed bag - from extravagant, elaborate, expensive hotels and shops to rundown, tacky, poor regions. While the rich live the life of luxury, the poor seem to gamble all their money away. Travelling around Las Vegas is a unique experience. There are some amazing things to see which are mind blowing.... Continue Reading →

Downtown Vegas

Freemont Street in Vegas is insane. All kinds of walks of life stroll down the street, wearing all sorts of outfits. We took the zip line over the street peering down at all the wired and wonderful spectacles. I could see mobs of people walking up and down along the crazy looking casinos, shops, bars... Continue Reading →

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