Last night in Vegas

The adventure dome theme park in our hotel Circus Circus is huge hosting numerous roller coasters. We chose a terrifying one which went upside down and sped around the building. I had to close my eyes it was too fast for me –  a fun adventure though.

As darkness approached it was time to go out again and see the sites insane Las Vegas has to offer. To begin with we went to watch a volcano erupt outside the Mirage. Rumbling music began and orange steam rose out the top of a man made mountain. The steam got progressively higher, then flames shot out of the top. In the surrounding lake, fire shot out from numerous canons into the nights sky. It was fabulous to watch and the fire warmed us up too, it was a chilly evening.


The Mirage hotel was another impressive one. Behind the posh reception desk was a fish tank with massive, tropical, eye pleasing fish. Palm trees were all around the hotel and the bathrooms were very luxurious. We revelled at the fact that there were free sanitary products. That day Emily gave me a first aid lesson in which I learnt that tampons can be used for cavity wounds and to start fires in the wild.

We saw the cool, glittery, florescent pirate boats.


Then watched the ballagio fountain show again.


As it was our last night in Vegas, we decided to go clubbing. Emily found a promoter and we got on the guest list for Omnia in Cesar hotel. After a short queuing session we reached the entrance. The guy in front of us said, ‘I will pay anything to get in here’, handed his card over and looked at the receipt after paying. ‘$150 not too bad’ he claimed. Emily and I looked at each other in shock. Next it was our turn, the lady took our details and gave us a slip of paper, we managed to walk in free of charge – result. Normally it costs $45 for girls and $70 for guys. There was a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling, a large dance floor and lots of tables around it. Upstairs was a balcony looking down on the fun dance floor. We got a drink $20 dollars each, what a rip off, at least entry was free. Then had a boogie to the house music. It was a really fun night. Vegas clubbing was a great experience.


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