The Blackpool of America

The last leg of our road trip went swimmingly and we soon arrived in Las Vegas ecstatic.


As we pulled the car up to our new home for the next four days, the monstrosity of the sparkly, pink, shinny hotel was overwhelming.


The parking facilities for the hotel are vast, there is a several level story car park as well as a normal parking lot area. I was unsure what to expect as we entered through one of the many sets of tinted double doors into the vast building. On entering I came to realise that this was not just an ordinary hotel but much more. As well as having thousands of bedrooms, the hotel, named Circus Circus has numerous restaurants serving all kinds of food from Italian to Mexican. It is home to several bars, one that was made to look like a bus. If you need a new outfit, this is not a problem as you can buy one from the many clothes shops or you can buy a gimmick in the souvenir shops. There are spas too and a wedding chapel. Tomorrow I am going to gatecrash some weddings. I wondered upstairs where I found an indoor theme park, roller coaster rides, laser tag, bowling alleys and much more. It is huge.


Then downstairs is an entire casino – betting tables, slot machines and so forth. The hotel has just about everything imaginable including an outdoor pool and hot tub. We checked in and totally lucked out getting a room on the 36th floor with views across the whole of Vegas for just over $200 for three of us for 4 nights – bargain.


Where to start? Food was first, followed by a bit of gambling. We put some money in the slot machines, winning a bit but losing a bit more. Then Emily (my road trip pal) put money on the tables winning enough money to pay for our entire stay – result.


As we were playing waitresses wearing practically nothing came round serving us as many free drinks as we desired. I guess the aim is to get everyone drunk so they spend all their money.


People were sat religiously at these funny, retro, slot machines, waiting for their big win. People come to Vegas and spend thousands, gambling gets drastically out of hand here. I watched in amazement as people threw all their money into these things. Then found that it is actually quiet fun and dangerously easy to get carried away. We stopped after the win and called it a day, but the thrill of it all does get to you and can easily spur you into losing everything.


Next karaoke was on the cards. Everyone was quiet good. However, Emily and I performed the proper UK karaoke way – in style and terribly out of tune. We believed we rocked it.


We had a fun first night in Las Vegas making the most of staying in Circus Circus and exploring all it had to offer.


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