Road trip day 1

After hauling my huge rucksack on my back, grabbing my day pack and checking out of the San Francisco hostel, I embarked on my journey to Las Vegas. I took a bus and a 15 minuit walk to met my road trip partner in crime at Montgomery Bart station. From there we took the train to the car hire shop, where we were introduced to our stunningly, beautiful, red, Hyandai.


We set off at 9am the drive was slightly hard to begin with, getting out of San Francisco proved a little difficult, especially trying to get on various different interstates, main roads and motorways. However, once we got our bareings all was fabulous. We sang, danced, chatted and had a ball of a time. We were lucky enough to see some incredible views and scenery along the way. We drove through Stanlius national forest which was government forest land. It’s beauty gave me goosebumps. The snow was around us clinging onto the pine needle leaves and building up on the floor.


We stopped off at a lovely clear blue lake surrounded by snow.


Later on we reached the Nevada border and cheered our way through. As the sun began to set we reached a gorgeous lake.


The snow capped mountains and sage brush reminded me of Montana.

Then darkness descended. At around 7pm we reached our motel and wound down with a bit of TV and some wine. Today we covered around 429 miles, what a great day.


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