What to do in San Francisco on a low budget

Another jam packed, fun and exciting day in San Francisco. It began early with a sociable breakfast looking out onto the Pacific ocean while chatting away over my peanut butter and jelly bagel. I am meeting all kinds of fascinating people here.

Then we set off nice and early on the 28 bus to the museum De young. This was a huge gallery with all kinds of art work. From stunning landscape, oil paintings to sculptures made from old aluminium. Every month, they have a day where there is free entry and today was the day. It was definitely worth a visit if you enjoy both traditional and modern art.


There were also amazing views from the top of the building.


Following this we strolled through Golden Gate Park.


Next, walking down Haight Street was on the agenda. This is the hipster part of town. I should have worn my hippy dress. We explored huge record music shops, funky clothes shops, shoe shops, I was so close to buying a pair of roller skates but after trying them on and almost falling over decided against it. Haight Street is a cool part of town but there were all kinds of characters around – so best to be street wise.




We stopped in a cute place named 1428 Haight Patio for a delicious salmon crepe. It was top notch – had a lovely garden patio out the back. While it looked mediocre with reasonable prices, the food was great. I highly recommend it if in the area.

Then we walked more, through the Buena Vista Park. Here we saw amazing views – which is what Buena Vista translates to in Spanish. The gull climb was definitely worth it.


From here we had a lengthy, hilly walk back to the hostel, stopping of making more friends and glancing at the scenery.


When we reached the hostel, for some unknown reason I decided to do furthermore exercise. I went for an absolutely glorious run. My best yet. It began from the hostel, along the shore line, towards the Golden Bridge. The sun was setting, the sky orange, the sea dark blue and the bridge looking as stunning as ever. San Francisco is truly a beautiful city. I passed many other runners on my way, including my friend from the hostel who joined me for some of the run. I made it past the extravagant yachts and stood on the sand watching the sky change colour and the bridge lights beginning to turn on.


Then I headed back and bumped into my friend again. We ran further by the marina and practised some yoga breathing. I returned to the hostel feeling refreshed.


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