Whistle stop tour of San Francisco

After a good night’s sleep in the 24 bed dorm I was up bright and early ready to further explore San Francisco. I met a couple of people over my oatmeal breakfast who were also keen to make the most of the day despite the rainy morning. We were lucky enough that one of us had a swanky car, so we were set for the day.          


We began with a drive to Lambart Street which is a beautiful, narrow winding Road. I fell in love with the blue house on the corner.


The view over San Francisco was fabulous. We could see skyscrapers, houses and beautiful churches in the far distance.


Next it was time for Coit tower. Here we strolled around and saw further more incredible views.


We then went in the tower itself and looked at intricate murals depicting the change in industry throughout history.


Following this, we went to the twin peaks and saw more stunning views.


Next Golden Bridge Park was on the cards here we played a bit of Frisbee golf (a bit like crazy golf but with Frisbees, very popular in the US, the aim is to throw the Frisby in the goal).

We stopped off by the ocean, it was breathtaking, the old baths used to be on the sea front. Imagine taking a soak in front of the blue, refreshing, majestic sea.  


Golden bridge – California’s most iconic bridge was such a sight.


We stopped off at several viewing platforms and hiked up a hill to get an even better glance. 


Food was next we tucked into a very English fish and chips on the wharf it was extremely tasty followed by a very rich and yummy chocolate salted caramel Sunday.


That evening we went to the pub for some pool and to watch the American football.

What a good day


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