San Francisco

After an early start of 4am I made it to the hostel in San Francisco. The journey went relatively smoothly. The train and bus did take a little longer than expected but there were lots of kind people along the way who lead me in the right direction. The bus driver was extremely friendly helping me out tremendously. Pointing out landmarks on the route and then guiding me to the hostel. One thing that did hit me was the sheer number of people around. The airport was bustling, the train busy and the bus jam packed. Thank goodness the bus driver took me under his wing, telling me to take my rucksack off and enjoy the ride. He worked in the army previously and was telling me about all the people who get on his bus every day without fail to go to China town for their fresh fruit no matter how old they are. At least I am used to busy London, if it was Dillon I had been brought up in, I don’t think I would have been able to cope with the crowds.

I was greeted by extremely friendly staff at the HI fisherman’s wharf hostel.  After freshening up I decided to go for a walk to get my bearings. I strolled along the water edge and saw the golden bridge in the distance against the foggy sky. It looked so romantic. It was peaceful sitting on the rocks by the Pacific Ocean.


A food market was on and there were people all around. It was great. Lots of runners were out, there were all kinds, slow, fast, fashionable and so forth. It was also apparent that bikers took over, it was great to see so many cycling.


I came across some beautiful architecture too called the Palace of fine arts. It was stunning.


It also had an exhibition going on which was all about the future. It had lots of binary pieces and engineering displays. Along with some obsession with lego. It also had some fun inspirational quotes which were pretty cool.


I passed lots of expensive looking yours on the harbour.


It is nice to have a change of scene but I do miss everyone in Dillon. It feels strange not being with Sukhin and the family this evening.

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