And so the solo traveling reconvenes

Yesterday I parted with my road trip partner in crime. We have had a blast together this past week and have covered over 1,000 miles from San Francisco to the Gran Canyon.

Emily dripped me off in Flagstaff and I have been exploring ever since.  To begin with I walked to the University of North Arizona. It was absolutely humongous. I roamed around the campus using the free, fast WiFi and exploring all the different buildings. Their communal area had large, glass windows with a mountain view. It was such an amazing hang out spot.


Even their running track had the backdrop of the snow capped, dramatic mountains.


I walked into their sports stadium which was huge, I couldn’t believe it’s size.


Flagstaff downtown is a nice area too. It’s trendy with many cool shops, bars and restaurants.

I went for a quick run at sunset through town and then grabbed a bite to eat.

Later, I sat around with hostel folk and made some friends. Around half the people staying here actually live here. They get free accommodation, provided they wok two hours a day cleaning. I reckon of I wanted to do this I could as one of the guys arrived two days ago and spontaneously decided to be part of this exchange. However, my visa is running out and I am keen to explore as much as I can and not be tied down to one place.

We all sat round, listening to a couple playing the guitar and then ventured out into town. A free reggae concert was occurring which was tonnes of fun. Lots of cool people with dred locks where free style dancing to the great band. I got involved and didn’t have a care in the world dancing to my hearts content to the lively reggae.


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