Active volcano hike

Volcano Acatenango (3976m) is the third largest volcano in central America, so when the opportunity arose for me to hike up it and camp with a view of the neighbouring active volcano Fuego (3,763) and the dormant volcano Agua, I could barely refuse. The hike began through farmland, which presented us with a vertical climb... Continue Reading →

Happy Hammock Hang out

Staying in Antigua has been lovely so far. It has been nice to recharge my batteries after busily visiting different places, taking uncomfortable buses and staying in various hostels. As well as chilling in the hostel hammock reading and chatting, I have walked around the beautiful town exploring art exhibitions, hand craft shops, markets and... Continue Reading →

Feliz Navidad

Antigua is a beautiful Guatemalan mountain village with a wealth of history. It hosts numerous churches with varying degrees of dilapidation. Many have been destroyed by earthquakes. Walking down the cobble streets the colourful buildings look so pretty with the forested volcano hills in the background. A grand, yellow arch was built to mark the... Continue Reading →

Story time

As I sat down and became engrossed in sewing some buttons on my dress in San Diego a friend I made earlier sat next to me and informed me that the best time to get wild, weird and wonderful life stories was in the evening. The night before she had asked a guy in the... Continue Reading →

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