Bye bye Nicaragua

I spend my last couple of days in Nicaragua in Rivas followed by San Juan de La Sur. Firstly, my Spanish buddy and myself stopped in Rivas for some souvenir and clothes shopping. I had not been shopping in a long time and wanted to buy some bits and bobs. Turned out that Rivas is... Continue Reading →

Eye of the water

A hearty maple syrup pancake breakfast set me up for the day ahead - not that it was a particularly strenuous one. My new group of friends and I walked to the little town square to grab a chicken bus to a fresh water, transparent lake named 'Eye of the water'. Transport on the island... Continue Reading →

A friendly face

It was time to leave the chilled out Lake Apoya and adventure to Ometepe - an island formed by the rising of two volcanoes in Lake Nicaragua (the biggest lake in central America). I boarded a shuttle to the San Jorge port where I got lots of mixed messages about ferry times to the island.... Continue Reading →

Hammock heaven

I boarded yet bother chicken bus in the hope of reaching the town of Masaya known for its hand woven hammocks and handy crafts. Seeing as these past two months I have been choosing hostels on whether they have hammocks or not and spending a lot of time in them, I figured it was fitting... Continue Reading →

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