Road trip

So far this weekend we have been chilling in and around Dillon. We have had some mini Road trips, which have been a blast. There are no clubs in Dillon and we have missed dancing so decided to convert the truck into a party booth.

We stopped off in a pretty neat spot – Beaverhead-Deerlodge river. Seeing as the view was superb, the weather amazing and we were not in grubby field work clothes for once, it was time to get the selfie stick out (luckily in Montana there are practically no people – so we didn’t get any strange looks).


Another stop was the cafe in town where we had some tasty ice-cream. I tried salted caramel truffle. It was to die for. Sukhin had caramel apple. American Willcox ice-cream here is so good. The brand has flavours I have never tried before or even imagined.


Later on we visited our neighbours place. They have started their own animal sanctuary, homing animals that are about to be slaughtered. This is done out of the goodness of their hearts. The couple do not eat or use any produce from their animals. I guess they just love them. They have quiet the collection, from alpacas (the ones which always stray into our garden) to hoards of ducks. Some of their more wild animals are enclosed, while others were left to roam freely. These three alpacas were naughty nibbling on neighbours gardens and harassing people, so they were behind a fence.


Not entirely sure why the ducks were homed here. Guess so they don’t escape.


The goats were extremely friendly, surrounding us, licking my hand and following us around the yard. There were masses of them.


This evening we met Jessie’s lovely parents who had travelled three days by car to visit. They brought their dogs – who were so beautiful.


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