Nature hike in Matagalpa

I began my short hike by strolling through the lovely, little, lively town of matagalpa. I passed two town park squares, walked along the bustling high street and began climbing up a steep suburban road lined with houses.

I reached the national park entrance, paid a small fee and walked through the beautiful forest. Butterflies with bright red winged tips and black bodies swooped down in front of me, fluttering their wings tirelessly. I sat for a while catching my breath in the uninhabited forest. Not a single soul was around. Consequently, I got to sit, relax and take in my surroundings. I listened to nature go about its business. The river was running in the distance, the tree canopy overhead was magnificently complex. The tree trunk so large and steady hosting many artistically spectacular branches, which lead to stems, leaves and veins. The biology of just one tree is so extensive, to think of a solo tree in relation with the entirety of the forest provides even more complexity and amazement. At times like these one feels so small in relation to these global ecosystem wonders.

It was hard to get up and keep moving, after sitting so peacefully for so long. Nonetheless, I did get up and continue the hike
I reached a waterfall, which had been utilised by humans. Pipes ran from it to the city providing water.


I carried on walking through the jungle up winding paths and steps made from tree branches. On reaching the top I was treated with fantastic panorama views of the entire city if Matagalpa. It was beautiful. I sat for some time before an Austrian couple turned up and joined me. We chatted about Nicaragua before they descended and I was left alone admiring the perfect view once again.


I slowly made my way down before returning to the hostel. Here I met a Canadian girl who I went for dinner with. We chatted about geography, the rainforest, life, social classes and Nicaragua of course. I love hearing about people’s backgrounds, where they are from and their opinions on global matters.

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