A different side to Varanasi

There is never a dull moment in Varanasi. Wherever you look there is something to watch. 60,000 people visit the holy city per day. It is constantly rammed full of pedestrians, vehicles and cows.

I wanted a moment out. So I found a gym and strolled over. It cost £5 for the day and I got my sweat on. It was a fairly nice gym. I was the only female there but it was pretty empty. What’s more, I enjoyed a clean, almost luxurious shower.

I returned back to the hostel to beat my mates at table football and learn how to play an Indian game with counters that you flick.

We were feeling peckish and so grabbed a tuck tuck to Assi Ghat. Here is was like a different city all together. Everything was extremely quiet. We enjoyed a paneer curry overlooking the holy Ganges River.

It was hard to believe that a 20 minute walk away cremations were taking place. At Assi Ghat there was enough room in the river for people to swim without being hit by the many boats.

We walked on the bank enjoying the view and sat down relaxing for a while. It was a magical moment. Groups of boys played cricket while others walked around selling chai tea.

We walked back to the Blue Lassie shop as we enjoyed it so much last time. Again we saw processions of dead relatives being brought past.

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and joking around at the hostel.

It shows that you can find ways to chill wherever you are. Even in the busy mayhem of an overpopulated city.

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