Top 3 activities in Folkstone

1. Cycling along the sea front

‘Come on speedy!’ My brother enjoyed yelling at me as I tried to keep up with him.

Ferocious winds greeted us as we used all our strength to peddle forwards. Slowing my legs down to take a break, my bike swept to the left. I regained my balance, hung my head low and pushed on with all my might.

As I started singing and talking to myself my brother became slightly concerned and we agreed upon a quick break to look at the map. Needless to say, we hadn’t managed to get very far at all.

Stood on the path, clutching onto our bikes, we caught the attention of an eccentric passerby.

‘You must be mad, cycling in this climate,’ this overly friendly individual chirped.

‘Yes, my brother is forcing me to battle the winds,’ I replied.

This gentleman proceeded to lick his finger and thrust it into the air. ‘I see, well if I’m not mistaken the wind is going westerly. So your cycle back shall be faster,’ he advised us.

He then proceeded to talk to us about patriarchy, matriarchy and programming before departing.

We were left somewhat baffled. After some thought we headed back along the beach the way we had come letting the wind push us along. This was far easier and we managed to enjoy the scenery.

We were cycling along the coastal path in Folkstone. White, foamy waves washed up onto the pebble beach to our right. Looking up towards the horizon, wispy clouds danced across the blue sky.

Before long we had caught up with our friend again. We waved on our way past and peddled quickly on. We stopped by some gardens to figure out where we were. And once more, surprise surprise, we bumped into our new buddy.

‘Oh well look who it is! What’s the problem now?’ he enquired.

‘Just figuring out where to meet our friend,’ we confirmed.

‘Well if I was you I would call up your friend and say meet me at the fish and chips place. That’s where I’m headed. It’s a great spot,’ he suggested.

It wasn’t a bad idea and we did end up heading over in that direction.

After my brother enjoyed his fish and chips we spied our new acquaintance once more. We hurriedly grabbed our bikes and headed back to the car before meeting our friend.

2. Coastal walking

We all strolled along the beach to the best place for swimming.

3. Swimming

On arrival, we dumped our bags on the sand and ran as fast as we could into the sea.

The cold water took my breath away but as soon as I submerged into the ocean I acclimatised and really enjoyed swimming. Stretching my arms in front of me, I could see the white cliffs of Dover to the West.

I floated on my back and let the waves gently rock me side to side.

We read our books on the beach while drying off before walking back to the car and heading home to London. The journey was only around an hour and forty minutes. Plus going on a windy Wednesday meant that the beach was almost empty.

It was refreshing to get out of London mid-week and see the sea!

What is your favourite beach in the UK?

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