Electro fishing – is it the answer?

I have been camping and electrocuting fishing this week. Still not sure how I feel about it. I Havnt been fishing before and so shocking fish, handling them, catching them, killing them with my bare hands feels surreal.

Can harming fish really be for the better good? I know science says it’s the only way to restore a natural system. But historically science has also said the world was flat.

How can we be so confident we are doing things right now?

What if in another 50 years we find these projects to have been detrimental and not beneficial? Every one I have spoken to is 100% sure that we must get rid of these on native fish. But no one can say why, other than to save the wilderness. Native fish are not are key stone species and only one other species – muscle will be affected if there are no native species present.

This may seem like a drastic analogy but all these people living here are non native. Should we get rid of non native people too then?

Of course not, that would be unjust.

One thought on “Electro fishing – is it the answer?

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  1. I don’t know about electrocuting fish (it’s a great opening line by the way), but I’d be quite keen to borrow your electronic paraphernalia to deal with the grey squirrels in our garden. Besides eating our parasol from Homebase, they are stealing all the food from our bird feeders.. Keep up the good (or not so good) work and keep blogging. Your proud Dids xxxxxxxxxxxx


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