Norris hot springs review

Montana is known for its natural hot springs. This is because Montana is situated on a fault line, which circulates heat to specific rivers and snow melt pools. Everyone here has said while in Montana you must go to the hot springs but where on earth do you start – there are so many? So I thought I would write some reviews of hot springs, as and when I visit them to help fellow travellers out.

Norris hot spring, while natural has a built up area surrounding it, which is good if you fancy a soak and a beer or some nibbles. There is even a menu with various dinner options. However, if you are looking for a more secluded hot spring, this may not be the one for you. There were families and people using the one pool (for a Montanan this is off-putting as people here, live in Montana to get away from other people).

I found Norris hot springs very relaxing, with the mountains in the background and the option of live music later on in the evening. It was also a great location, 30 minutes away from the lovely town Ennis. And near to Virginia city which is always fun  to stop off at. It was also only half an hour from the Lewis and Clark caves which are well worth a visit. So this hot spring while being busy was a perfect stop off for a packed day trip.

The temperature of the spring was also good – not too hot, meaning you could sit there for over an hour, but hot enough to relax your muscles after a hike. All in all, I would recommend Norris hot spring if you are in the area or not too far from it.


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