All you need is your bike, a road map and the courage to ride to your destination

As a lot of you are aware my sense of direction and map reading skills are shocking. Back home I constantly use GPS on my phone to get around and still manage to get lost. However, in the wilds of Montana I do not own a working American cell phone and even if I did the 3g would not be strong enough to get me around. Consequently, I have resorted to using the good old fashioned paper map or remembering directions somehow.

Today I successfully completed a bike route recommended by a colleague. I managed to go the entire 27.6 miles without getting lost once. At times I was slightly confused as dirt roads are not properly labeled, the map I was using was out of date and road signs had fallen over.


(Excuse the oily hands – the chain fell off)

Nonetheless, I made it back in once piece very satisfied with my new map reading skills.


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  1. Wow! Well done you! No easy task by the sound & look of things! What amazing experiences you are having & how well you are coping! No longer ‘city girl’. I think ‘action girl’ suits you better!!

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  2. Thanks Mandy I like that new tag… Action girl! Thanks Karen.. Maybe going with someone else to start with would help? It’s scary riding on busy roads too


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