Outlander book review

When Clair touches the standing stones in current day Scotland she is teleported back to 1745 Scotland. While, this part of the story is a fantasy the rest depicts ancient Scotland in what I thought to be a realistic light. You follow Clair’s adventure journey through the Highlands. She meets lots of interesting characters falls in love and faces challenges indicative of that era. It is a gripping read, rather hard to put down at times. Particularly when fights, danger and battles commence. You are left at the edge of your seat wanting to find out the result. Clair travels by horse back across Scotland staying in various palaces and encountering witchcraft.

Diana Gabaldon writes in a beautiful manner, capturing the landscape, the characteristics of the people and the emotions of the characters very well. She even uses Scottish dialect grasping the historic era perfectly.

If you fancy reading an exciting, romantic, adventure novel I would highly recommend Outlander. It is a long book and part of a series. This first book was fabulous it managed to keep me hooked. I’m debating weather to read the next one. Has any one read it and can recommend it to me?


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