American Halloween extravagansa

In the US Halloween is taken very seriously. People go all out and the festivities last as long as possible. There are parades, parties, decorations and lots of candy.

We had a yurt Halloween /leaving party on Friday night and cooked ethnic food. I cooked a toad in the hole, which wasn’t too bad if I can say so myself.


Sukhin made her yummy chicken biriani signature dish.


While Jessie made a tasty chilli made from game meat (venison) and pumpkin pie with lots of cream. It was a pot luck so the guests brought food too. We were all well and truly feed.

It was a pleasant evening, we reminisced and of course spoke in depth about hunting.


On actual Halloween we went trickle treating in Bozeman. Don’t worry we did have young children with us. The girls dressed up as a vampire and a witch – both looked great. It was nice to have an excuse to go door to door, I forgot how fun it was. The houses were massive and decked out elaborately with decorations – talking pumpkins and witches, sensor skulls which yelled as you passed them and many creatively carved pumpkins. So lots of candy was on the cards. People gave huge handfuls of sweets and chocolate. They were all so generous. One man gave both girls two massive hersheys chocolate bars, much better than the sugary cheap lolly pops I used to get as a kid. We went to bed with our sugary needs well and truly satisfied.


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