Oaxaca to Chiapas

The night bus ride was not bad. I had four seats to myself so spread across and managed to get some sleep. My legs hang across the aisle and I managed to make myself a makeshift bed (if you can call it that). We arrived very early in Tuxtala and had a think about the logistics. My friend from Paris and myself decided to visit the Parque National Canon del Sumidero. To get there we took three collectivos (these are small communal buses). They were an adventure, we sat with Mexicans in a van type vehicle and held on to the rails as the drivers tended to zoom around through busy market streets. We stopped of in Tuxtala Gutierrez for breakfast and then headed on to the canyon.

We took a boat along the river.


And got to see the magnificent national park. It was phenomenal.


The river had a dam implemented on it enabling us to travel through by boat. It was used for electricity supply. At parts the river reached 250m deep and the sides of the canyon 1km high. It was amazing. There were caves along the way too. Sadly, there were plastic bottles and rubbish seen boxing along in the river at places. We saw the view that is the national picture for the state of Chiapas.


At one point we reached a crocodile and got scarily close to it. The boat managed to get so near without making it move. The creature was huge, magnificent and rather threatening.


Later on we saw beautiful birds, soaking in the sun and little monkeys swinging in the trees. It was so fun to see.

After our boat ride we stopped in Chiapa de Corzo roamed around the colour markets and stopped for some empinyadas for lunch and a strange chocolate maize juice.

Then it was time to get to San Cristobal. We got three more buses and had a little walk before reached the Posada Ganesh hostel.

Once settled and showered, we went to the chabad house to catch some hanukkah celebrations. Sadly, I missed the candle lighting but I did get some donuts and a free chanukia (same one I got last year from the Leeds chabad house).

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