Estrellas otherwise known as stars

Last night over a communal hostel dinner a few of us decided to hitch hike to the beach to look at the stars. The beach is over 4km away from our hostel, we began walking, had no luck bagging a ride and finally arrived over an hour later. It was worth the walk, the stars where phenomenal. I spotted a shooting star – which was so bright and zoomed across the vast sky. Orians belt could be seen, sadly this was the only constellation I knew.

I left the group temporarily and walked to the calm ocean feeling the warm sand surround my toes. With the star and moon light illuminating the shore, I watched the waves softly crash against the beach bringing green seaweed and white sand close to my feet. Stepping over the crunchy seaweed I let my feet and ankles be submerged in the cool sea water. It was so quiet, the crickets sung, water swept up the beach and the stars shone. I contemplated the life span of the stars, if they were still alive and who else was looking at them at that moment in time. There is something so therapeutic about gazing at the nights sky away from the busy hustle of everyday life.

Returning to the group, my friend had asked a couple of policemen who rocked up on their ATV if she could ride it. They said yes and she zoomed around on the beach with this ATV. The police here are something else. Imagine a British police officer letting a tourist drive their car – it is frankly unheard of. These Mexican cops were on night shift till 8am and were in charge of patrolling the beach for people sleeping, taking drugs and dead bodies (how charming).

I began dozing on the beach. It was pretty late so we decided to get a taxi back. Unsure if we would find one we trudged off the beach and two seconds later a car approached we waved and got a ride all the way back to tulum – brilliant. It was the perfect luck, my first successful hitch hiking experience.

I slept soundly still hearing the sounds of the ocean and dreaming of the clear sky carpeted in glistening stars.

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