Happy Hammock Hang out

Staying in Antigua has been lovely so far. It has been nice to recharge my batteries after busily visiting different places, taking uncomfortable buses and staying in various hostels. As well as chilling in the hostel hammock reading and chatting, I have walked around the beautiful town exploring art exhibitions, hand craft shops, markets and sampling all kinds of great food and ice cream.


Wondering the streets I have seen families and friends strolling along engrossed in conversation. Sitting on park benches in the characteristic town square, I have watched the world go by, people laughing and joking amongst themselves, others sitting quietly reading newspapers and street vendors desperately trying to sell you goods. While minding my own business a lady came and sat next to me keen to start up a conversation. She was very friendly and warned me of the dangers in the town at night. It was hard to believe that such a lively, fun, pretty place could be so dangerous as soon as the sun sets. I have been out in the evenings alone and was lucky enough to be safe and not see anything ominous occur. While, this lady was being over cautious, others have said similar things. Where ever you are it is important to be Street wise, especially when surrounded by such poverty. In gutamala people are either rich or poor there seems to be no in between. There is vast inequality here.


On a brighter note, while admiring the many churches I saw a wedding occurring.


I decided to go and see if I could gate crash. It was easy enough I sat down on a pew in the back and saw some of the ceremony. The church was beautiful and everyone dressed up for the occasion. A man with a guitar played in the intervals, the mother and father (I presume) said some words.

After a little bit I left to carry on walking  around town.


Tomorrow I am going to hike up volcano Feurgo and camp one night there before coming back to Antiga for my final night here.

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