Last day in Leon

One of my favourite things about traveling with no schedule is the  fact that you get to spontaneously pick and chose, where you go, how you get there and the amount of time you spend in one place. I did not plan to stay in Leon for very long but I really liked the Sonati hostel vibe so stayed 5 nights. I would have stayed longer if I had few months extra but I only have 5 more weeks in central America. Consequently, I am keen to keep on moving.

I had a lovely last day in Leon. Sometimes it’s best to leave a place after a really good day as to remember the place for the fun you had. I spent the morning looking around the stunning cathedral. It’s grand white structure looked so dramatic against the blue sky. You are able to climb it and get some incredible views of Leon from the top. Not only were the views phenomenonal but there were beautiful white architectural domes. You had to take your shoes off before stepping on the spectacular roof.


I had a chill in the hostel hammock for a while, reading, relaxing and chatting to people. I got to put my pool skills to the test playing a couple of games in a local club – I lost but had a tone of fun doing so.

Then in the evening I went to play football. We played for over two hours with the winning team staying on. My team was pretty good so I got to play lots. It was fantastic. The pitch was in a beautiful quiet area where you could clearly see the stars and full moon.  My legs were aching after – I need more practice and to get used to playing for such a long time. We grabbed a taxi back to the main square and spontaneously decided to go dancing. It was quiet the experience. In central America people dance so differently. I asked some girls to show with me how to dance properly and copied what they were doing, getting into the swing of it. While traveling I try my best to embrace everything like a local be it food, dance or transport.

The next day I woke up ready to adventure on to the next place. I am now in a town called Esteli.

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