The cute colonial town Granada

While gringos are scattered throughout Granada it is a lovely little town, home to various colonial churches, a waterfront lake and rows of colourful houses.


I have enjoyed roaming around, admiring the architecture, lake views and climbing up church towers in order to get an even better view of the town. In the far off distance one can see a dramatic volcano backdrop with picturesque churches and houses in the forground.


As well as enjoying the views in Granada I have indulged in some home comforts – well sort of. Eating rice and beans does get tiring so I have sampled some American food – which has been a breath of fresh air. I found a touristy waffle house for breakfast. Here I still used my Spanish – as I am keen to keep practising but on the tables around me I heard America English and American Spanish – ‘two aguas please’. It made me giggle and revel in hearing a language which I fully understand.


I also treated myself to a chocolate spa day, which was so nice and relaxing. There is a chocolate museum, restaurant, spa hotel in Granada which is luxurious and reasonably priced. So I dedicated the afternoon to lazing around by the pool and I finished my book – ‘Lost city radio’. Granada has been a great place to explore, relaxe and enjoy some good food.


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