Welcome to civilisation

While you still can’t put toilet paper in the loo, street vendors hassle you and beggars are still around, Costa Rica has actual roads, clean buses and get this chain hotels such as the Hilton – not that you’ll find me there.

We crossed the border with ease and entered a new country. Part of me will miss the insanity that is Nicaragua but the other part of me is rejoicing in the idea of exploring a new, more developed and interesting place. In time I will crave the Gallo Pinto (rice and beans), the eggs and cheese but for now I shall find some touristy American food to tuck into.

The bus journey to our final destination – Samara beach, was very long and not as cheap as we were used to. In Costa Rica you have to pay for your luggage. Regardless, during the bus ride looking out of the window I saw a ghost of Montana. The dry Costa Rican rolling, grand mountains reminded me of the beginning of my adventure in the American wilderness. In Costa Rica the smoothly paved highway seemed to connect towns that were miles and miles apart. The feeling of vastness I got in America came back during the hot, sticky and long bus ride.

We finally arrived in the beach town – Samara, which was lovely. Lots of little shops selling souvenirs lined the bustling street. I find it hard to distinguish between the tacky things and what is actually unique to Costa Rica. So decided to return to the the hostel in time for a family group dinner. It was great to eat some freshly baked bread along with some tastey meatballs and salsa. It was the change I craved. We sat around playing articulate and guess who for a while, everyone here was good fun and great company.

I was feeling rather tired from the many buses we boarded that day so slipped away for a stroll to the beach (2 minutes from the hostel). I chose a quiet spot sat down on the cool sand and studied the sky. As I listened to the waves recede towards the dark horizon, I gazed at the milky way. Stars littered the sky, some shining brightly while others merely twinkling. The longer I looked above me the more stars I discovered. A shooting star fell from the sky, disappearing in an instant. I racked my brain for a wish but I realised in that moment I was content, I did not need or want anything else. I returned to the hostal happy and ready for a good nights sleep.

The next day in Samara was spent chilling, reading and relaxing before going for a sun set run. It was incredible. Eli and I ran south along a road getting our heart beats up and then joined a path directly parallel to the Pacific Ocean beach. From here I ran along the wet sand watching the grand sea tirelessly, move in and out. Anchored boats were floating in the distance. Men stood in the shallow sea holding onto a piece of fishing wire. I have never seen fishing quiet like it before. They stood in sea drenched clothes patiently waiting for their dinner. Others were walking dogs, waiting for the sunset and chatting with friends and family. We ran as far as the beach let us, had a stretch in front of the magical ocean and sat on the soft sand to watch an incredible colourful sun set. Birds vertically swooped into the sea grabbing fish before flying off into the distant horizon. The orange sun lit up wispy clouds different shades of dusty pink and red. Every sun set is unique and beautiful in its own way. This one was particularly perfect. There is something so rewarding about completing a run and enjoying a tranquil, picturesque and refreshing scene with a breeze running through your hair.

We motivated each other to run back along the beach – so that is exactly what we did. On reaching the turnoff for our hostel I decided it was time to run out into the sea. I let the warm water soak my feet and wash the sweat off my legs. The waves swept into me with quite some force. I stood my ground and gazed out into the obis of ocean. Ominous waves rose and curled, before their white tips crashed into the shallow water. Some bright stars began to appear in the vast sky breaking through the darkness. Lights in local restaurants came on and the night commenced.

Samara, Costa Rica is a special place. The beach is gorgeous, the slow pace of life enjoyable and the tranquility very relaxing. Sun sets along the Pacific Coast are perfect. Next, we will travel up the Pacific Coast to a other beach town to enjoy some more sunsets, stars and relaxing.


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