Mini – Miami in Central America

While it does not feel like I am in Central America – I am. Currently, I am in Tamarindo a beach town on the Pacific Coast. I keep having to remind myself that I am technically still in the land of rice and beans. This lively, surfer, party town maintains the nickname Mini – Miami and I can see exactly why. Everyone talks English, lots of American tourists roam the streets and all signs are in English. The restaurants are actually organised, you order something and that is what you get. This is a shock to the system. I am used to ordering something and getting a different dish an hour later. It has been refreshing to eat huge American sized burgers and fries, treat myself to some Thai food and tuck into wraps and other such Western delicacies. It has been a great comfort.

Not only am I enjoying the delights of different unhealthy food options I have also been blessed with some more beautiful sunsets. I have been walking along the shore, watching beach activities, letting the sea wash over my sandy feet before choosing a spot to sit on the soft sand and watch the day end. As the crystal blue sea washed out, the sun sank in the sky and another day dawned. I went out for some karaoke one night and some clubbing another. All the music was pretty much American with some Central American combined. I cannot stress enough how much I feel like I’m in America or even Europe. It is surreal.


I spent a full day at the beach with my hostel buddies. We took a taxi to a nearby white sand beach named Conchel. It was beautiful. The sand perfect and the sea so clear and blue. I found a shady spot under a beautifully gnarled tree, lay down and watched the big wide ocean. White waves rose up the soft sand. I opened my book and got stuck in. A little later on we all ran into the cold sea, cooling down from the hot weather. Then the beach games began – limbo, human pyramids and sand fights.


We had  great day I never thought I could spend 7 hours on a beach. However, time flew by and before we knew it we were watching a other sunset before heading back to the hostel.


Today I am saying bye to a fabulous friend. We met three months ago in Mexico crossed the border to Belize together and then parted ways. By chance we saw each other at a port in Nicaragua and since have been traveling together for about 10 days. It has worked out perfectly, we have had a blast together constantly laughing and joking. We saw how each of us changed over the time apart solo traveling and laughed about all the crazy things we had seen. Hopefully one day we will meet again in London or Barcelona.


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