Spirit airlines are not kosher

I should have know when I read the spirit airline slogo – Less money. More go, that is was an unreliable, unorganised and unprofessional company. While backpacking fellow travelers recommended the airline as a budget, money saving option. What they failed to mention was that while I would save a few dollars I would also lose a fair few. Last night I rocked up at the airport at 11.30pm ready to take my ridiculously awkward flight at 2.00am. Queuing up I made friends with a bunch of friendly folk and we had a laugh a good old laugh about our travels. Before we knew it all our Spirit airline flights were canceled, with no explanation. At this stage with my new friends and the airport dramas going on I saw the funny side. Obnoxious people cut the queue or ‘line budged’. While other shouted at them. The police even got involved but let’s be real, they had no influence on the situation. Finally the queue criminal succumbed and went back to his original spot hanging his head in shame. After a while, I got to the front and got my refund with a meet sorry for the inconvenience. Next step booking my flight to New York – no easy feat.

Nonetheless,  a new flight was booked thanks to some very helpful United airline staff. It was a stressful affair. I had visions of staying even longer in this run down city – San Jose. I was happy to have  a new flight booked even if it was not for another 10 hours. Time to set up a camp, I knew my sleeping bag would come in handy. All the good spots were taken but I found a decent area next to two others, got my sleeping bag out and made a fought with my bags. I closed my eyes and feel deeply asleep untill I was rudely awoken at 4.30am by airport staff. ‘You cannot sleep there’, she announced. Not only do I get my flight canceled but I am not allowed to sleep here. I was furious, half asleep and asked where shall I sleep then? She said something about there are people around it is not appropriate. Then I fell back to sleep in my caccoon. Looking at my flight breakdown I paid to use the airport – hence I am allowed to sleep in the floor if I want to, surely?

This post is really just to say do not fly with Spirit airline. I know I am tired writing this but seriously – it’s not worth the dollars you might might not save. It is common to have spirit cancel their flights, unexpectedly with no reasoning for their customers.

Comparison with other companies:

Every flight I have been on alone, something like this has happened. In Peru I missed my connection getting from the capital Lima to Iquitos and returning back home I missed my flight to Miami. On these flights with America Airline, they put me up for free in a very posh Peruvian hotel and organised all my new, rearranged flights. Delta also delayed my flight so I spent a night in salt Lake city at the beginning of my travels in America. They gave me a blanket, snacks and a pillow. All airlines gave me something and rescheduled my flight. Spirit airline however gave me nothing just my refund (expected) and did not help me in any way to book a new flight. The left me stressed and alone.


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