5 ways to guarantee entertainment while stuck in an airport

Make friends with funny folk – no one wants to be waiting endless hours for a flight and most people are probably bored. Make the best of a bad situation by talking to those around you. Especially if you are alone, laughing and joking with strangers will make the time fly by. My top tip for making a new friend is to smile at people, if they smile back, greet them and start with a general, ‘how’s it going?’ alternatively, you could bond over a situation like a cancelled flight, a strange character or complaining about some one skipping the queue – there is always one.

Set a new record – either a personal best, how long can you hold a plank for, how many press-ups can you manage or a world record  – be inventive.

See how many times you can ride up and down the escalator before getting caught – it may sound boring but it’s actually very therapeutic and better than sitting down. It’s always fun to set yourself and your new airport friends little challenges or dares. What’s the worst that can happen? Well my two new acquaintances almost got arrested but this was because they were drunk and the security guard thought their shirts were inappropriate – it was a bit ridiculous really. Nonetheless, you are breaking now laws riding the escalators as many times as you desire. If your feeling adventurous – you could even walk up then too for a bit of a work out.

Use the last of your change – see what you can get with that spare couple of dollars. This will take you a very long time, especially if you are not one to settle with a miniature brunch bar.

Lastly write a blog, or better yet set one up. Why not? You can spend hours writing and writing. Alternatively, just read mine.

Happy flying, try not to go too insane waiting for that flight.

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