The oxymoron that is the London tube

While, some individuals call the tube an underground sewer, it can be a thrilling spot to people watch, walk fast and get into the swing of London living. Seeing all the commuters stare at their smart phones which do not even work underground, will make you giggle and revel in the fact that you have the drive to look around and admire your surroundings, even if it is a dark moving, cramped, carriage. Grab a free metro and browse through the current affairs to pass the time. Journeys on the tube never feel too long, stops are pretty close to one another and time flies as you people watch and speculate where everyone is journeying to. This said, traveling by tube everyday can be monotonous and the lack of sunlight can start to drive you insane. I have heard about artificial plug in lights you can buy which emit fake sunlight rays giving you your vitamin c dose. I would recommend getting one if you are trapped in an tube followed by a dingy office all day.

Not only does the tube involve sitting or standing in a narrow cylindrical moving vehicle but you will also be required to venture up and down escalators. These are metal moving, stairs – all that is needed here is to stand still on the right hand side while electricity does the hard work. This is perfect for the zombie commuter who is still half asleep and needs to venture down into the dregs of the earth or up on the surface of the planet .

Alternatively, there are the elevators. Filling into the grey, metallic, square, lift in Goodge Street station, you will feel like a sardine packed in, awkwardly pressed up against a stranger. On reaching ground level, exiting the uncomfortable claustrophobic space you will walk out into the fantastic alive London town. Not before paying a hefty fair of course. Luckily you can use your contact less bank card so do not know the quantity  of the damage done. Straight out of the station you can see the lit up BT tower. It’s blue elegant slim shape standing out in the dark nights sky.

You won’t be stuck for restaurant or bar choices in Google Street. There is something for every one. The unique Bubbledogs restaurant serves champaign and hot dogs (American style) for not such a high price. Or there is Wahaca for some Mexican street food and tasty cocktails. The list of choices goes on. People will be roaming around getting merry after work. Thursdays are a big one for people getting ready for the weekend. There is certainly always something occurring in London. Eating global foods will keep your inner traveler alive and traveling by tube will open your eyes to the likes of Londoners.

Top tips for eating and drinking out in London:

– Research before hand – there are some fabulous deals online. Check out Martin Lewis ‘s website. He has some restaurant vouchers you can print. Some nights are cheaper in some places. For example, during the week you are likely to find some bargain meals.

– Book a table – places are always busy so book before to avoid waiting, even if only two people and it’s a week night.

– Taste card – if you have one of these you can get two for one by calling up and booking a table before hand at certain restaurants.

– Student deals – some places have student nights, Roxies (Tottenham Court Road) on Thursdays. Moonies (soho) on Mondays. They have cheap drinks and club entry – worth checking out.

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