The negatives of solo travel are actually possitives

Lots of people might be put off female solo travel due to the hardship of it. However, in my opinion the challenges of travelling alone actually make it even more worthwhile. You learn so much about yourself, how to cope in tricky situations and become extremely strong. While the highs far outweigh the lows, there are some negatives associated with solo travel. I have listed the weaknesses below and explained how we can get over them and see them as positives:

Feeling alone – we are social beings and like to talk to others. Travelling by yourself does not have to be lonely. On the road you can make sure to meet lots of new people everyday. Instead of booking a room by yourself get a dorm room and meet others. It is so much easier making friends when you are by yourself than when you are with a group of people. You will be forced to put yourself out there and talk with strangers, who will become best friends.

No one to rely on – but do you need anyone to rely on? Not really, you just need yourself. If anything goes wrong there are good people out there who will help – hostel staff, fellow travelers and your family are just a phone call away. You can learn to rely on yourself, fixing what ever may go wrong independently.

No one to reminisce with – Write a diary, blog, make videos and add people you meet along the way on Facebook. You can keep in touch with them discussing your adventures. And as annoying as it may be you can just reel off stories to your friends and family, they do want to hear all about your adventure.

Scary – solo travel is not as scary as it sounds. The idea of being alone for a long stretch of time can seem daunting, however, you are never truly alone, with the internet and communal hostels, if you are scared there is always someone to talk to either in real life or virtually.

While traveling you will no doubt be faced with tough times, like in all walks of life there are challenges. However, if you take these difficulties in your stride, remain upbeat and positive, you will not feel the effects of them. I guarantee that you will learn and flourish while traveling alone. Do not let people scare you from jetting off.

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