The cheapest TEFL course around

TELF standing for Teach English as a Foreign Language is an 120 hour online course recognised globally. On completion you receive a certificate and are allowed to teach English as a second language anywhere you wish to do so. It is a great qualification to have, which can be used in international schools in England or indeed schools all over the world.

I just thought I would give everyone a heads up about a bargain TEFL course available. Normally they cost between £300 and £600 but for some crazy reason it is going for £24 on Living Social . Purchase the code and then login International Open Academy to start the course. Even if it is not something you are sure of doing it is worth buying it and giving it a whirl. At £24 there is nothing to lose but only a qualification to gain.

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    1. As far as I know it counts. I was confused because many jobs ask for the number of hours it took to complete your TEFL. For this course it took me under 10 hours! I emailed the company and they said the certificate they provide says I completed it in 120! So yes it is accredited but it does seem a little strange. It is an official company and I have asked them if it is official. They said yes – but I guess they would never say no! Have you done a different TEFL course?

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  1. Can you do a follow up blog on whether or not this worked? I’m planning on doing an online TEFL course this summer that’s 11 weeks long so if there a shorter version that would be relieving news to me!! Thanks again!
    -Alesia’s Affordable Adventures

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    1. Hi there! I think it is best safer to use a proper company. This course was too short. I learnt nothing from it. I would say take the safe option and do the 11 week course. It may sound long but I have a friend who did it and it was not too bad. She did it with i to i I would say they are much better. Hope that helps? I can detailed follow up post about this tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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  2. Im starting an online TEFL Masters course soon which is 160hrs by the Company Tefl FullCircle. I was just wondering if you have any advice on how to start doing the work for the course itself as I have never done an online course before and its very different to going to university and having lectures and being in a classroom etc. Just wondering ? any help or advice would be really nice :)! x thankyou !

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    1. Hey there, it’s a great idea to do the online TELF course. I highly recommend getting the extra qualification. Yes I agree online courses are very different to studying at university. I would say even though there is no pressure or deadlines to stick to make a timetable.For example, every morning from 8-11am dedicate to TELF. Give your self a couple of days off (maybe the weekend).Talk to people about it. Call up your best friend or a family member and make sure they check in on you. Maybe you have a target to do 10% of the course each week. If your pal is keeping tabs on you this will motivate you. Keep a notebook nearby to jot important facts down and turn off any distractions. I know its tempting to be on your phone or watching TV but treat it like a university lecture and focus as much as you can. Lastly, enjoy it! The most important thing to do with anything is to have fun. I hope this helps. Let me know if I can assist with anything else 🙂

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