How to Chose the Perfect Travel Destination

Walking along the paved streets, littered with crispy brown leaves, the wind blows through my hair. While the cold bites my skin, I cant help but smile as the sun shines through the almost bare branched trees. When the sun is directly shining on my face it doesn’t feel as cold. Big Ben strikes 10am, sending music to my ears. Most people are already sat at their desks engrossed in their morning tasks. Meanwhile, I am roaming the streets of London in November – a tranquil month to be visiting London.

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Choosing when and where to travel can be a cumbersome task. However, it need not be. It is exciting to know in your head and heart you want to travel and choosing the destination is part of the fun. Once you have got a short list of destinations, ask yourself these questions to finalise your plans.

What season will it be?

As Autumn is changing to winter in England, the experience of those visiting will be altered. The weather is harsher but there are less tourists, so shorter queues in the museums.

Some destinations are less desirable in certain seasons. For example, in winter, Iceland is extremely cold and has limited daylight hours (4 hours of light in December). Maybe there is a reason for those cheap flights.

Check out the monthly averages for temperature and day light hours of your chosen destination.

Are there any big festivals coming up?

It is always fun to travel and explore when festivities are on the horizon. Citizens are in a better mood when there is something to celebrate. In England bonfire night or Guy Fawkes night on the 5th of November is an exciting, interesting and cultural experience.  You can watch spectacular firework displays while learning about British history.

In Mexico the day of the death (31st October) is a huge event. There will be lots to see and do around this time. Many beautiful alters will be made and lots of fruit will be eaten.

Of course there is Christmas and New Years eve to think about too. Most things will be shut on these national Bank Holidays. So unless you have plans with friends or family there is not much else to do if abroad – particularly if you are alone.

What is your biggest interest?

And last but not least, what do you actually want to get out of your trip? Do you love being outside hiking or will you spend most of your time in museums learning? If the former chose a time and place based on the weather if the latter then you can be more flexible (look into going off-season,to ensure ticket prices are less).

Talk to locals, fellow travelers and read up online. Before you book any flights make sure you are going at the right time of year and to the right destination. If you want more specific help feel free to get in touch. Happy researching!



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