Home Comforts at Christmas

Imagine a Christmas without a roof over your head. This December it is estimated that 120,000 British children will be without a home, according to the independent.

Last week I watched the heartwarming film: A Street Cat Named Bob. It was extremely moving and based on a true story. The main character – James, had been a drug addict since the age of 11. He was forced out of his home and made to live on the streets. James played his guitar outside stations, collecting money for drugs and food. That is until a social worker saw Jame’s potential. She fought to get him a home and slowly but surely James got some stability back into his life.

The film tells his remarkable story, how he met a cat which saved his life. The ginger cat named Bob, gave James something to look after and care for. Bob joined James when he busked, sold the Big Issue and ultimately this cat saved Bob’s life.

The film is an eye opener. We all read the statistics, the horror stories and the cold facts associated with homelessness but to go on an emotional journey by watching a film, really brings to life the pressing problem.

As Christmas approaches and the cold kicks in, it is ever more important to do our bit. There are lots of charities to be involved with – Crisis at Christmas being a great one. Next time you see someone on the street, if you have a bit of food do not hesitate to give it to them. There is still lots of controversy regarding giving money. Will it be spend on drugs or food?

While we travel this Christmas lets be grateful for what we have at home. When traveling homelessness can be seen in practically every country – some more severely than others. Lets blog , write, volunteer at soup kitchens and spread the awareness. No one deserves a Christmas on the streets.

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