A break from the City

Sometimes we get sick of seeing the same things day in, day out. Living in a busy, bustling city is exciting but can be tiring too. While there is always a new street to explore, a different museum to visit and unique restaurants to try; one thing is missing. That is natural landscape. I love finding a quiet spot and doing nothing but admiring a vast open scenery.

In my opinion what better place to relax and contemplate than on a beach. Watching the sea tirelessly sweep up a pebble or sandy beach is therapeutic. Seeing such a vast natural landscape is reassuring. It reminds us that there is so much out there to be explored. Watching the sun set over a gigantic ocean brings a warm feeling to my chest.

If you are finding city life to get too much, why not find some nature. It has a calming effect.

From London there are several coastal spots you can venture to.


Whitstable is in Kent, it offers a quaint sea side town, with lovely coffee shops, vintage stores and local groceries, butchers and fish shops. The beach itself is beautiful. Grab some fish and chips and sit on one of the benches on the sandy beach.

There are some lively pubs on the beach overlooking the ocean. The Old Neptune is a favorite with locals. If you are lucky there will be some live music on too.

As well as simply enjoying the beach there are other activities in Whitstable too. Check out this extensive list of things to do (including; mini golf, theater, punting, films and galleries).

It takes between 1.30 and 2 hours to drive to from London.


Brighton is slightly nearer and can be easily reached by train. Walk along the famous pier and sample some tasty fish and chips. Then of course there are the 2p machines to have fun with. Mooch around the arcades, grab an ice-cream and sit on the beach.

Brighton offers a fantastic night out too. Known for its fun gay scene, there are plenty of bright and colourful clubs to experience.

Check out the top attractions ranging from ice-skating to great hikes.


As a kid my grandparents took me to the South-End so it has a special place in my heart. It is a fun family trip with all the beach town gimmicks you need.

Check out the aquarium and walk along the pier. Bring your cossie for a quick dip in the freezing sea.

There are galleries to check out and places to get your retail therapy fix too. Check out this website to see the events on at the moment.

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