‘Oh I do Like to be Beside the Seaside’

Sitting at my desk on Friday afternoon in the bustling city of London I pondered about what I could do on the weekend. While I  enjoy busy life in the vibrant city I do also like to get away sometimes. I had a sudden urge to see the sea. To look out over a vast blue ocean and breath in the fresh sea air.

So that is exactly what I did.

We drove for a mere hour to South-end-on-sea. Parked up and strolled along the beach. It is as easy as that.

Walking along the sea front your nostrils will be greeted with the sweet smells of sugar coated, freshly, baked doughnuts. Moments later the sharp smell of vinegar coated chips and battered fish will present itself. Children can be heard laughing, friends chatting and music blaring.

I grabbed my hula hoop and walked out onto the sandy beach. Moving my hips to the rhythm of the waves I was lost in a state of tranquility.


‘Can I have a go? My friend bets I can’t do it,’ a lady asked me interrupting my chain of thought.

‘Sure,’ I replied lending her my hula hoop.

She laughed and thanked me for letting her try it out.

Wondering down the promenade a little further you reach the longest pier in the world. It is a mile long. You can take a train to the end and back for £5. The bumpy scenic train provides a fun outing.

On arriving at the end of the pier you can enjoy a lovely cup of tea at the cafe. There is a life boat center to check out too. If you are feeling adventurous you could even play some crazy golf. It does get a bit chilly being so far out to sea so be sure to bring a jacket.


Once you have finished exploring the pier you can hop on the train back.

South-end-on-sea has lots of arcades and penny machines to try out. There is also a shopping centre if you fancy some retail therapy.

For me South-end-on-sea provided the perfect mini escape from the big city. Just to see the beach and hula on the sand was all I needed.


Where is your favorite weekend escape?


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